Understanding the openings
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Alberto Chueca

Understanding the openings by Sam Collins: Wonderful book for opening preparation.

Nowadays there are thousands or millions of books related to openings, from complete repertoires to books specific to a single variation, but today's review is the book Understanding the Openings by Sam Collins.

A book that by now is quite old and you probably have not heard of, this is because it is not popular, however, this is a hidden gem and that from this moment on you should consider having in your chess library.

Understanding Sam Collins

Before talking about the book, let's know a little about the author of the book, since he is an International Read more

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Mark Dvoretski and Arthur Yusupov
Alberto Chueca

New: Technique for the tournament player by Mark Dvoretski and Arthur Yusupov

Mark Dvoretski and Arthur Yusupov wrote a book, and what a book!

The best chess coach in the world was known as Mark Dvoretski and one of his best students was Arthur Yusupov, and if they get together can you imagine the amount of knowledge they can print in a book? You really don't have to imagine it, as technique for the tournament player is a book of both, and you really have to read it.

If you want to become a tournament player, you need to have read at least one book by these amazing theorists who changed Read more

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