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Alberto Chueca

Caruana chess: Know the best style of the world’s #7 chess player

Chess is one of the oldest and most beloved games in the world. It is also a game of strategy and skill, requiring a great deal of focus and concentration. Recently, the rise of Fabiano Caruana has been a major force in the chess world. He has made a name for himself as one of the top-rated players in the world.

Caruana chess is a unique style of play that is both aggressive and positional. It involves a great deal of calculation, tactics and endgame play. Caruana uses a combination of moves to set up complex positions, which often require … Read more

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Chess grandmaster rating
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Alberto Chueca

Chess grandmaster rating: The top strong #1 level for chess players.

Chess is a classic strategy game that is played by two players in order to outwit each other. The game is highly competitive with an international ranking system for players. This article will explain what Chess grandmaster rating are and how they are determined.

Grandmaster ratings are an important measure of a chess player's skill. They are calculated by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and are based on different criteria. Players must have achieved a certain level of performance in official tournaments in order to be eligible for a grandmaster rating. The rating is then determined by a complicated system … Read more

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