Chess Trainer: Discover the best platforms to train tactics.

What is a Chess Trainer?


A chess trainer is a program, webpage, or method that you can use to train chess in a certain matter.

This could be tactics, strategy, positional understanding, calculation, prophylaxis, or any area of chess.

(Also it's a synonym for “chess coach”, the person who teaches chess).


Where do I find them?

If you want a chess trainer who can guide you you can join our High Performance Chess Academy.

If you want something to work by yourself you can use apps to practice tactics that will help you to improve in this part and calculate better.


How to use the apps

With tests, and different practices, like using a chronometer and trying to solve the puzzles at a certain time.

You can check the “Puzzle Rush” from


The fastest way to progress

The apps can help you to improve in tactic. At the beginner level is very important to improve your calculation.

However, a chess coach can help you to understand better the positions and think better by yourself.


The problem of the free apps

The apps can help you to think faster but not better.

Of course you will calculate better and if you train properly by yourself will help you to win more games but the biggest improvents are done when you understand better the position. For this, you will need a chess coach.


What's the best tool to train puzzles?

The tactical trainer is the best you will find on the internet, it’s just simply so well-done. It counts with features like an adjustable trainer on the tactical topic you want, and the puzzles increase difficulty based on your rating.

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A chess trainer is an important tool that practically every chess player of this generation has used. It’s become something really useful when it comes to training certain practical areas in chess.

Many chess trainers offer different methods to improve, some of them are paid though, but they sure give good results. As always, all you need to get the best results is a good method to train.

Remember that being your own chess trainer is a double-edged weapon, it has a great advantage and a disadvantage:

  • When you study chess alone your limits of improvement are the ones that you put to yourself.
  • But there are high chances that you commit mistakes with your training unless you are well-informed on this matter.

So, in this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about chess trainers and how to use them. The complete guide on what chess trainers are, how to use them, and actually improve using them.

Some tactical trainers are really easy to use, as they explain exactly how you are supposed to use them. However, when we talk about “how to use them” is learning how to adjust the chess trainer to your necessities.

Not everyone learns the same way, some require different methods and approaches, there are many factors. So, the best way to make the chess trainer suit you perfectly is to get a chess coach to guide you in this matter.

However, if you can't do this, then here are some advice from a chess coach that will help you get the best from the trainers:

You don’t want to push yourself so hard, this is the worst thing you can do. Training your tactics and strategy for one hour every day is more than enough, chess is not everything in life!

Sometimes we train with materials that are beyond our understanding, meaning you are not prepared for it. People tends to think “oh, this isn’t for my level, but I’m the exception, I can do it”. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that, be patient, everything comes at the right time.

Maybe you have a great tactical vision, but you are used to get a lot of time. Taking 20 minutes to calculate a 3 moves variation is not practical at all, is like doing nothing. Limit your time, put pressure on yourself and be practical.

This is the best that you can do, if you can’t pay a chess teacher at least try to consult one on certain topic. You can look for advice on forums like Reddit, and, or you can contact someone you know.

You can’t get to the goal if you don’t know where it is. The chess trainer is to keep your practical skills becoming stronger over time with constant and fun work.

This is achieved by solving puzzles mainly, although there are also other strategies like replaying games and learning theory. But the most important part is pure practice, which is going to make us learn the patterns and others.

Remember that a chess coach is a simple assistant in your progress and helps with the development of practical skills. However, you cannot focus entirely on chess coaches, remember that our chess study has to be diversified.

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We have talked a lot about the benefits of having guidance when you are studying chess. The practices that you do by yourself need to be practiced in certain methods and with certain pedagogy.

As we have said here many times, a well-prepared and well-thought study will mark a difference from chess players.

A chess trainer is a tool, something that you will use to help you improve by taking different exercises. Online chess trainers are really good and offer many methods to develop your skills.

A chess trainer is almost like a method, just an organized way to study chess to improve efficiency. Many masters use regular chess trainers, for themselves and even for the students they have.

You don’t actually need a program to study chess, but it sure makes the process a lot easier. When you organize the study you will seize the time better, and the learning process becomes a lot more enjoyable.

Of course, chess trainers also have their ways to use, which is not as simple as starting to solve puzzles. The chess trainers nowadays allow you to tweak and configure many different things, and they must be seized.

We will give you a practical example of how to use a chess trainer efficiently…

When you are improving in chess, one of the most important parts of it would be analyzing the games. This is done to spot punctual mistakes, and the chess trainer can be configuring to work on that mistakes.

For example, if you want to learn a certain topic or train on a certain pattern, you can configure the chess trainer. So, all of the content or exercises you are given are specialized on that pattern or topic.

It’s a usual practice when chess coaches want to talk about a certain topic or give a certain class. But in this case, is done by a machine, you can access all of these features in or other similar websites.

How to seize the chess trainer even more?

Reinforce your knowledge

Once you have studied an opening, have reviewed some tactical or strategical patterns, you will want to reinforce them. It’s not enough with simply reading it, or just doing one exercise or two, working on the skill again is imperative to develop it.

A chess coach

The chess coach will also give you good advice on how to use the chess trainer correctly, or even set it for you. This way you can be more sure that you are getting specialized training that is really working for you.

Make your study diverse

Using a chess trainer will put many different tools and content at your reach, you don’t have an excuse to practice the same. In chess, you must have the skills to play in any kind of position, the more preferences you have, the more your weaknesses.

As we have said, there are practices that you can do to improve the learning process, remember that method is important. However, a virtual chess trainer is not everything in the world, you can rely on it to develop your whole tactical sense.

Which website can you use to study with chess trainers?


A chess trainer is a program, webpage, or method that you can use to train chess in a certain matter. This could be tactics, strategy, positional understanding, calculation, prophylaxis, or any area of chess.


This is the other option,’s greatest problem is that you have to pay a subscription to access the content. This is not the case in lichess, actually, this page is famous because everything is free here!

In case you have some time to invest in your training, you should definitely go with This site simply has a lot of content, an insane number of lessons, drills, articles, and puzzles to help you.

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A chess trainer or chess lessons??

Sure you know the value and why chess lessons are really important. This is why there must be a balance of both, you need to take chess lessons and use a chess trainer every day.

If you can do both always better, but it isn't necessary, and this is another topic about making your training comfortable. I recommend you organize your training, and establish what you are going to train on in different schedules

This is a good question, and I thought it was necessary to clarify this, both are important, but you have to give them their place. A chess trainer can provide you with different opportunities to improve your patterns, but books also have a role to play.

Make sure you study both ways, and with different contents, also to play so you make sure you learn the ideas in practice.

If you really want to improve in chess fast you will have to train, but it isn’t just as simple as that. Here the fact that you have to look for the things that you like the most applies.

If you are really passionate about chess, then, you will have no trouble always be looking at different ways to improve. Many of my youngest students are really eager about chess, to the point that is almost what is always in their minds.

When you are doing something that you love you can actually feel it, you feel that you will never get tired of it. A chess trainer can keep you hours stuck in a chessboard, or a book, a lesson, a topic.

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