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Alberto Chueca

What are the Most Convenient Chessboard Dimensions?

The chessboard dimensions

There is something important that affects the people who play chess, the chessboard dimensions. The size of the chessboard and the dimensions it generally can make it uncomfortable to play with.

I have seen people who would lose focus because they are thinking about these little things. It definitely can affect the motivation and concentration of the chess player.

There is something important about these details, when you have a whole chess set you feel comfortable with it can be relaxing. So it can be important for you to feel good with your chessboard dimensions.

Even the … Read more

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chess reddit
09 Chess novelties ♟️
Alberto Chueca

5 Perks of the Chess Reddit Forums

The chess Reddit fórum

Reddit is the face of the internet, it is the most famous forum, public blog, news page, and many other things it could be, of the world. There is a chess Reddit forum, of course, perfect if you want to have some fun exploring chess.

Here you can find dedicated users’ content that has a growing interest in chess to the best chess influencers. It is a place to discover and explore the opinions laying there, some of them really interesting.

We already talked about how to use the chess Reddit forum to your advantage … Read more

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chess clubs near me
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Alberto Chueca

Find Awesome Chess Clubs Near You Easily to Play Chess in a Friendly Enviroment

What is a chess club?

Probably you are wondering how to find chess clubs near me, that’s the reason why you are here, we are going to go there in a minute.

First, we have to know exactly what a chess club is to know what we are looking for, because what exactly is a chess club?

A chess club is a chess center in which we can get into specifically to treat any concerns about chess-like playing, studying, or talking. A chess club for some is just like any other club to just spend a good time.

The reason … Read more

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charlotte chess center
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Alberto Chueca

The Charlotte Chess Center is Forming Chess Masters!

What Charlotte chess center aims for

Like other beautiful chess communities and teams, the charlotte chess center is a chess institution where you can learn and play chess. They have the great mission to make chess known for its benefits and precious nature.

They are willing to bring chess to your life with a positive influence on you. This is a pretty fun way to first get into the world of chess, the Charlotte chess center is the palace of chess!

This beautiful place excels for the great magnitude of the events and chess personalities that measure their strength here. … Read more

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no chess castling
09 Chess novelties ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Kill the Monotony Avoiding Chess Castling!

Is chess castling really necessary?

A very important move is the chess castling, it is a special move, the only one that moves two pieces at the same time. It grants security to the king and puts a rook into play easily.

Not many chess players know that chess castling was not part of the game originally. The castling in chess was introduced in the 15th century, back then chess castling rule did not exist.

Know every beginner in chess is religiously taught that castling is absolutely necessary, but is it?

It is true that castling makes chess … Read more

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Opening Novelties
02 Chess openings ♟️
Alberto Chueca

January 2021 – Opening Novelties

January 2021 – Opening Novelties

In January 2021 there were some very interesting Opening Novelties. Today we analyze 4 interesting and beautiful new moves in the opening, which have been played by top masters. There were novelties in some high-level competitions, and we considered all of them. However, the four moves/games we found most amazing for this post are taken from the super-strong Tata Steel.

For the selection, we thought of the strength of the master who played it, the beauty of the move and the game, and how early in the game it was played (since it is … Read more

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Alberto Chueca

Buy all you need to become a great player in chess

What is chess

Chess house is a web page in which you can buy anything related to chess or anything useful to learn it. Here you will find chess sets, books, tables, chess clocks, courses, and etcetera.

This is heaven for anyone who wants to buy some merchandise for improving in chess or just to have fun. The page offers products for any kind of customer and chess-lovers, from chess beginners to experts and grandmasters.

They offer their delivery service that has a great range in the world delivering for most countries. Also, they offer excellent client attention … Read more

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Alberto Chueca

The Chess Set to revolutionize the game – Square Off

Virtual Chess Set

Maybe you play games on the internet, most chess players play thousands of blitz games solely on the internet. Have you ever longed for that experience to play a real person across from you on the chessboard? With the Square Off chess set is possible!

Chess clubs and tournaments exist for that very reason, however, maybe you don’t have the means or resources to go out and play competitively. But you are sick of staring at a computer or iPhone screen with dimensional pieces.

Why not combine the two experiences? You can play real-life games over … Read more

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