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The legend of the chessboard

A Zelda chess set is something a little difficult to find (there are not so many of them) but the ones that exist are well-made. Some people take Zelda pretty seriously, and that’s expectable.

The legend of Zelda is one of those “perfect” game series since 1986, all of their games have been amazing and the community has always been so excited about it.

That’s why a legend of Zelda chess set has to exist, someone needs to have the idea… I hope…

It was actually pretty surprising that I found almost no Zelda chess sets on sale on the internet, and a little sad as well. I know some people would be grateful to have a Zelda chess set to immortalize Hyrule’s kingdom history.

But as I just said, “the community has always been so excited about it”. So congratulations to the fans that took the time to illustrate Link’s adventure so brilliantly in a Zelda chess set.

It’s the legend of Zelda’s turn this time, we are going to review 4 fantastic Zelda chess sets that will bring joy to any fan of the saga.

The legend of Zelda chess set inspired by the wind waker game

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zelda chess set black king

This first chess set can be found on the Etsy webpage, this chess set is a beautiful representation of the wind waker story. With all the important characters and captivating the real essence of the game.

The first thing that pops up to the view is that the pieces are not equal to each other. I think that’s pretty cool because it represents the light side against the dark side. Here we will have to fight to decide the fate of Hyrule, prepare your selves!

Pieces are absolutely exquisite and they appear to be decent duality plastic so forget about knocking the pieces over. Also, their design is cute as well, they look like little figurines with great detail, kudos!

The characters represented are Link, Princess Zelda, Tingle, Epona, and the king of Hyrule for the good guys’ side. While on the dark side we got: Ganon, Dark Link, and other antagonists. The seller specifies the chessboard is made out of cherry maple trees and seems to be polished like every good Zelda chess set.

The whole chess set is a masterpiece that you should definitely check out if you consider a fan of the series.

The legend of Zelda chess set: Ocarina of time

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zelda chess set pieces

Now we have something for the true fans if you know a little about the series (or even if you simply like videogames) you have heard about the Ocarina of time.

For those who don’t know the LoZ Ocarina of time was one of those videogames that had a great impact on the entire videogame industry of the time. This is one of the bests games of the genre and it would not be exaggerated to say: One of the best games in the world.

This Zelda chess set was made with all of the love this guy had for the series.

The pieces were made with a 3D printer, and the chessboard was made out of wood. The 3D printer assure that the pieces will have a good level in the detail, also have the advantage that you can resize them and tweak them a little the design if you want.

The characters that appear in this Zelda chess set are Young Link as the king, Young Zelda holding ocarina as the queen, YoungPrincess Ruto, Epona (Epoknight), Darunia (Darooknia), Navi (being a pawn).

The legend of Zelda custom chess set

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zelda chess set chessboard

This incredible Zelda chess set was made by a fan once again, unfortunately, it was customized by himself. The problem with this is that the chess set is not on sale, still is worth mentioning here.

This chess set has an incredible look, and the best feature is that is so colorful! The pieces and the chessboard have such a design that looks so brilliant and attractive.

This chess set reminds me of The Breath of the Wild Zelda game because it is so bright.

Once again we have the light side against the dark side, meaning that the pieces for black and white are not the same as in regular chessboards.

Different from the Zelda chess set we saw before, this chess set doesn’t have many main characters, just the basic ones like Link, Zelda, Epona, Ganondorf, and Ganondorf’s knight.

Yet the design of the chessboard itself looks so original and the whole chess set is marvelous. Imagine having this one at home?

USAOpoly official Zelda chess set

Check this out!

I said in the beginning that I found ALMOST no Zelda chess sets on sale on the internet. Technically I didn’t lie, this is the only one I found.

USAOpoly made one of their masterpieces with this chessboard, as always does with this type of merchandise. This is the typical yet impressive cardboard Zelda-themed chess set that will stun you instantly.

The pieces have a great design and they are very well done, the chessboard has a great design as well, and the pieces are plastic but they actually look like pewter.

This is a must-have Zelda collectible in the industry, many chess and Zelda fans wish to have it. Unfortunately, this beautiful Zelda chess set is not available right now on Amazon, and probable they will not be produced anymore.

But, you still have some hope! I’m pretty sure you can find the product available on eBay or other websites. I’m accomplishing the mission by telling you this is a high-value collectible.

If you are one of Zelda’s true fans you must have it.

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