Peter Svidler, New Top 100 of the World!

peter svidler

Peter Svidler is a chess grandmaster from Russia, one of the most interesting and talented we will ever meet. Right now, he is the ninth-best rapid player in the world, with a 2752 rating in this mode, and one of the Top 100!

Peter Svidler is probably the Russian player who has won Russia’s national tournament most of the time. He started playing chess when he was 6 years old, and he has won Russia’s championships 8 times.

Peter Svidler received his GM title when he was 18 years old and has also had good performances in other important tournaments. The Linares International tournament and the Corus Tournament in the Netherlands, to name a few.

He has worked with other players of the maximum elite in Russia, like GM Nikita Vitiugov or Maxim Matlakov. Peter Svidler is a great chess player indeed, with a unique playstyle that is worth analyzing.

You will also be amazed by hearing that this guy is hilarious and charismatic, he is always with that smile and full of stories. You see, Peter Svidler has been referred many times by great chess players, and some say he could be even better at chess if he wanted.

Chess is not everything in life for Peter, maybe a great part, but not all of it, so you see that he enjoys what he does. Maybe Peter Svidler could be compared to Max Euwe, the chess player who didn’t care too much about chess but was good anyway.

Today we will analyze some of Peter’s games, and see what you can learn from his games, let me tell you, it is a lot.

Peter Svidler’s playstyle

The question is, how do would you like to play against Peter Svidler, it is really difficult to define his playstyle. You will find that sometimes he plays a super aggressive system, and sometimes he plays the quietest endgame.

That’s his way to be unexpected to his rival, as he will always look for a way to bluff his opponents. One of his favorite tactics is to let their rival gain the initiative for a short period and counterattack.

It’s a very subtle player with great knowledge in openings and endgames, Peter always finds a way. This tactic has proven to be effective against all kinds of players he has encountered.

And something he is known for, especially in classic matches, is dedicating some time to a specific opponent. He will study his rivals and prepare for what they believe they are best in, and play against that.

All of the players at the top tier do that, but Peter Svidler seems to have a database of all the players in the world. He knows how to exploit weaknesses, not just on the board, but also in his rival’s playstyle.

Here we will look at some games, and you can have an idea of this GM’s playstyle.

Some of the best games by Peter Svidler

This is one of his most beautiful games, where you will see a move that you won’t forget easily. A game by GM Peter Svidler and WGM Gata Kamsky was one of the most interesting tactical blows by this player.

In this game, in GM Peter Svidler against Vladimir Kramnik, one of the best players in the entire world.

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