The Unique kingdom Hearts Chess set!

kingdom hearts chess set

Kingdom Hearts chess set

In the original game series of kingdom hearts there is an interesting scene where we appreciate a kingdom hearts chess set:

Here we see two important characters of the series disputing a chess game of the kingdom hearts world. Nobody, except the creators of the game, know how this variation of chess is meant to be played nor any rules.

The chess set has an incredible look and the chessboard has ups and downs on the surface. The kingdom hearts chess set looks absolutely fantastic and many chess and kingdom hearts fans are dying to get their hands on it.

A fan cracked into the game’s code as they usually say to find out the mystery behind this chess game. Some people think (judging by the conversation the characters have while playing) that this game represents a fundamental event in the series.

By this research by the kingdom hearts fan, it was known that every piece of the kingdom hearts chess set represents the key characters of the kingdom hearts series.

This is particularly interesting if you are looking forward to the next kingdom hearts game, you can check it out here.

The kingdom hearts chess set will be an excellent gift for all of those fans that are waiting for the product to come out. It will surely be embraced by the loving kingdom hearts community.

The Kingdom Hearts Chess set project

kingdom hearts chess set knight

Many chess sets are representing a lot of great franchises and series, a kingdom hearts chess set would not surprise anyone. What is a surprise is that different from numerous successful franchises have a chess set, but there is no official Kingdom Hearts chess set.

There is a chess set that appears in the middle of the story in one of the game’s cinematic. This is a chess set that we see in action during the Eraqus And Xehanort’s game appears in the series as a decoration at another point of the game.

The called “kingdom hearts chess set” that appears in the cinematic has been asked by the fans thirsty for merchandise to spend their money on. The chess set is absolutely amazing in the design and it would be pretty interesting to make a new chess variation.

The project has a lot of followers and I’m pretty sure many fans are waiting for this baby to get out to the market.

The pieces have wonderful designs with symbols that represent different characters of the series. They have a really elaborated shape that surely will have a pretty high cost for that quality standard.

How do you think the new chess variation would be? Will we have a new chess variation out of a new kingdom hearts chess set?

Square Enix working along with the Disney studios is developing an official kingdom hearts chess set since September 2020. The thing is that many kingdom hearts fans are afraid this chess set will probably not be completed.

Amazing kingdom hearts chess sets by fans

kingdom hearts chess set move

As we just said some fans just couldn’t wait for Square Enix and Disney to complete their chess sets collections so they made their own.

The internet is full of artists and it didn’t pass a lot of time before a genius took the initiative and put their hands into the work. Many people have created their kingdom hearts chess sets based on the game’s scene:

This is a game between two important characters on of the kingdom hearts games, yet we don’t know exactly how that chess game works. Some people got creative and started to try to figure out how to play that fictitious chess variation by recreating the kingdom hearts chess set!

We take as an example this Reddit user who recreated the chessboard just like in the original scene of the game. This user has made an amazing job so you should really go check it out.

Another talented user made a review of the chess set on the web artstation by picturing different sides of the chessboard. This person even took the time to create a highly-detailed 3D representation of the kingdom hearts chess set.

As you can see, internet users are excited about the arrival of this chess set and finally knowing what the price will be.

Kingdom Hearts Chess set Thrilling story

kingdom hearts chess set characters
kingdom hearts chess set characters

Kingdom hearts is a Japanese series of videogames that was created in 2002 and getting growing fame that has taken it so far. Nowadays, kingdom hearts is one of the biggest franchises in the market, having a passionate community.

The company Square Enix has been working as a team with Disney to bring this masterpiece to the market so anyone can enjoy it. It is full of drama and incredible turns in the plot.

You can also find Disney’s characters in the game, which has been a great success since its debut in 2002. It was almost disrespectful for some true fans of the series not to have a kingdom hearts chess set.

The great plot of this game is for all ages and combines comedy and fun mechanics with a profound and interesting storyline. This story has been going on for 22 titles being one success after another, the fans and community are pretty happy about this.

The incredible adventures of Sora throughout the Disney world are just impressive, and the plot can get really difficult to figure out. Undoubtedly one of the best games in history.

You can easily get hooked with the kingdom hearts story and fall in love with the passionate and charismatic characters. You will surely have lots of fun playing this title and you won’t regret getting a game to try out.

We have seen Zelda chess sets, game of thrones chess sets, harry potter, and even lord of the rings chess sets, it was kingdom hearts turn!

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