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chess netflix series

Chess Netflix series

With the latest release from Netflix: The queen’s gambit, the game has become extremely popular- Not to say it spread like crazy, the mystery of the series combined with its well-thought drama has captivated the whole world.

The reality is, the chess NetFlix series queen’s gambit is a masterpiece that just got the attention it needed. It rose many questions among those who don’t play chess, and even created false expectative!

Sure chess is difficult, but not all chess players need to be addicted to drugs to play well. However, there is some truth in the series, and this drama does well in representing the passion of chess players and the determination.

If you know a little about chess history, you’ll know the main character could be compared with different chess players. She possesses the characteristics of many proficient chess masters of the past (without drugs of course).

This is an interesting topic to talk about, if you want to know some interesting facts about the queen’s gambit chess Netflix series, keep reading. Some of this may surprise you!

Is queen’s gambit inspired by a real story?

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For starters, no, I don’t think Queen’s gambit was a real story itself. Nonetheless, it’s inspired by a real story of the book’s writer, and combined with chess masters’ stories. Or at least, let’s say the writer used a chess player to display the characters’ obsession with success.

Know the main character of the series is determined to win, motivated to prove wrong everyone standing in her way. This may be compared with other’s important chess players in history (we will talk about that later).

Most of the chess players in history had this great level of “determination”, or were motivated by huge objectives. For example, Garry Kasparov wanted to change a complete structure in chess’ federation.

Most of the world chess champions: Viswanathan Anand, Anatoly Karpov, Mikhail Tal, and more, were incredible fighters. They were stubborn to defend their play, and they were loyal to their own playstyles and ways.

They were able to reinvent chess in their eras, having a great impact on the chess community. Just as the protagonist of the chess Netflix series does, breaking the imposed paradigm of men’s dominance in worldwide chess.

This could also be compared with the Polgar’s sisters experiment, which had a similar purpose (it got good results at the end).

Is the queen’s gambit inspired by Bobby Fischer?

Bobby Fischer

This is an important question, Beth Harmon has too many similarities to ex-world chess champion Bobby Fischer. Actually, their personalities and behavior were the same at some point, and they were motivated by almost the same factors.

Bobby Fischer always wanted to become the chess world champion, and since he was a kid he started playing chess. He wouldn’t do anything else but to practice chess, develop new openings, and plans, sounds familiar?

And, the same as Beth Harmon, Fischer did something that changes chess history completely. Apart from marking a now and an after in chess, he ended the domination of soviet chess as the best in the world.

Bobby Fischer became the chess world champion in 1972, he was the first non-Russian world champion in years. He stopped assisting to middle school just to play the game and ended up being one of the best chess players in history.

It’s a sad and inspiring story, and it is so similar to the story of the chess Netflix series The queen’s gambit. Bobby Fischer has one of the edgiest and mysterious stories related to chess known that is real.

What is The Queen’s Gambit's secret?

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The queen’s gambit chess Netflix series is not actually about chess, this is simply used as a way to give more drama to the series. Just the mobile of the addiction, it’s what the protagonist uses to justify her drug addiction.

The series is actually about the drug dependency that people may suffer under psychiatric care. Which is a cruel reality for the people that have to assist to this kind of institution (not in all cases).

The writer made his book inspired by this because he explains he was once dependent on drugs and medicines. He tells his story in the most interesting of ways, and the stories he has to tell are simply stunning.

This is the emotion he had pent up and got out in the form of an amazing book that became a chess Netflix drama.

It also treats a controversial topic in today’s world: Machismo.

Many years ago women “had to hide their brains” as the series explains itself, but finally, it has ended. Beth Harmon also wanted to destroy the wrong paradigm that said only men could be good chess players.

This is the reason why the series could have been compared to the Polgar sisters’ story, which proved wrong this theory (and happened in real life)

Works similar to chess Netflix series queen’s gambit

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There are many series that are similar to the queen’s gambit, most of the chess stories out have the same drama. The reason is simple, all of the chess players had a story full of drama and controversy, reaching success demands sacrifice.

Some of the films portraying these amazing stories are the following:

Magnus: No better chess film than this to give a great story and interesting background to watch. The best part is that this film is inspired by real-life facts, it tells the story of the actual chess world champion Magnus Carlsen.

Queen of Katwe: Tells us the inspiring story of the Ugandan girl whose life changed completely when she discovered chess. Chess becomes its passion and she will encounter countless obstacles in between her and glory.

Searching for Bobby Fischer: This is one of the most exciting chess classic movies apart from the chess Netflix series. It will also tell you the amazing story of the legend Fischer from beginning to end.

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