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Chess 2700+ Rating

Chess 2700+ ELO: The combinative and analytic chess

Some people might not understand that how the chess 2700+ ELO works and is very interesting. If you don’t know it, the chess at 2700 ELO rating becomes a lot different, since the level of play becomes very high.

We already covered this topic, in the 2700 chess blog post, where we made a little research on chess 2700+ rating. Nonetheless, we never discussed the differences between amateur chess and 2700 chess.

The reality is that chess at this level turns into something very precise and the playstyle plays a fundamental role. … Read more

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Top-Class Chess Competitions
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The Truth about 2700 Chess. They are not invincible

Success starts in the mind

2700 chess-rated players are conceived as “unbeatable” for most of the chess communities, (especially online). Having a 2700 chess rating indeed demonstrates you have a great understanding of chess, if not, you wouldn't be at that level.

The problem comes with most people having the strong belief that 2700 chess-rated players are like chess “gods”.

The average chess player takes the ELO rating too seriously, I mean, it is an objective approach to the chess “level” of chess. However, all of us, humans, can't be “objectively” measured in strength or capability.

That's exactly … Read more

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guimaraes chess open
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Guimaraes Chess Open: The tournament that you can’t miss!

Guimaraes Chess Open

When I reach the end of summer now I only think in the Guimaraes Chess Open. It's becoming a tradition. I'm always eager to play it. I played it last year and was awesome.

I'm going to tell you 5 reasons why I love to play this tournament and why you could play it (even if you play it maybe we could play together!):

1- Portugal is lovely

I don't know why Portugal is one of the countries that I love it! I have visited several times Porto and is beautiful. There are many green areas … Read more

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chess tournaments app
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Chess Tournaments APP: Find all the tournaments around the world automatically!

Chess Tournaments app

Pieces sounding as they move, the atmosphere tense and silent, some cries of victory!, sometimes heat, sometimes a cold sweat that runs down the cheeks of people who are focused on just one thing: WIN the chess game.

This is what a chess tournament reflects. The passion that unites a certain group of people where they demonstrate their skills on the board.

Many with enough level to reach the final, others experiencing their first time, but everyone needs to know where could we find the tournaments.

Then, the “Chess Tournaments” app appears to Read more

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