3 Brilliant Classical Games All Beginners Should Know About


Classical games are, in essence, one of the best ways to learn for a beginner. Comprehending chess development over the years can give you a better understanding of modern chess. Along with the reasons why chess is like it is nowadays.

Of course, you have to be careful which classical games you choose, as some of them are not instructional anymore. That’s why today we bring 3 brilliant classical chess games every chess player should know about.

These classical chess games can be instructional at any level, beginner or intermediate also. We will explain to you the important chess concepts that are put into practice during the game.

Classical Games

Mikhail Botvinnik vs Vasily Smyslov 1954 (Control in the position)

3 Brilliant Classical Games All Beginners Should Know About 4

In this classical game, one of the players taught his opponent how control of squares is more important than material in chess. The player who lost this game learned the hard way.

Aron Nimzowitsch vs Jose Raul Capablanca 1927 (The Blockade)

3 Brilliant Classical Games All Beginners Should Know About 5

The blockade is one of the most important types of position in chess, and one that requires the most creativity. In this kind of position, usually, there are no dynamic resources, so players have to work hard for opportunities. Here Capablanca showed us how to play in a blocked position brilliantly in his classical games.

Mikhail Botvinnik vs Jose Raul Capablanca 1938 (How to prepare an attack)

3 Brilliant Classical Games All Beginners Should Know About 6

Of course, attacking in chess is among the most fun things that this beautiful game has. But actually, to get a nice attacking position requires mastery, and knowing how to build plans.

Anyone can find a couple of tactics, but can you build a position where your attack works? Here Botvinnik will give you a masterclass on how to get the right conditions to start attacking, which is why this is one of the best classical games.

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