Awonder Liang, Latest Top 20 chess players!


Awonder Liang is a chess Prodigy that is coming for success with all the energy! He is currently one of the best young players there are, and he is among the top 15 currently on the FIDE top 100.

Awonder Liang got the grandmaster title when he was only 14 years old. Which turned him into the tenth youngest chess grandmaster in the world. However, Awonder Liang is the world’s youngest international master, FIDE master, and national expert in the U.S.

So, the GM title was just an additive to all the achievements he has gotten, and may still be going for more. It’s always incredible to see a 13-year-old boy play like a grandmaster with great precision.

As he has stated, he has not decided yet if he is going to dedicate fully to chess his entire life. However, Awonder Liang has made clear that he wants to keep playing and keep gathering successes in chess.

He just got the opportunity to play in the U.S chess championship, where he will face some of the best in the world. GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Wesley So, and GM Fabiano Caruana.

Here is everything you want to know about Awonder Liang and his future in chess.

How Awonder Liang started and progressed in chess

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Awonder Liang is probably the least ambitious player in the U.S, as he is one of the best in the world. However, he is currently studying at the University of Chicago, and he attended some of the best schools.

However, he started to appear in chess tournaments in 2016, when he played in the Corner Challenge Chess Tournament. It was then that Liang became the world’s youngest chess expert surpassing the 2000 rating.

He also won the world youth chess championship in the U8 category, taking the gold medal home.

Awonder Liang is also the youngest person in defeating a chess International Master and Grandmaster. It was in the U.S. Open Chess in Orlando, he defeated the IM Daniel Fernandez when he was just 8 years and a half old.

Later, in the Washington international Chess in Rockville, he defeated GM Larry Kaufman convincingly in a classic game. It happened only when he was 9 years old, it also was when it became clear the trajectory of the young player.

The rest is history, at his shortage, Awonder Liang has taken part in various tournaments. Finally, to get his IM title at age 13 and the GM title at age 14.  

Awonder Liang’s playstyle

Awonder Liang, Latest Top 20 chess players! 4

It’s difficult to state a playstyle for a player so young, normally at this age, you are more into tactics than anything else! However, the style of Awonder Liang reminds me of Garry Kasparov’s one.

As incredible as it sounds, he likes to attack, and his tactics are not so obvious. To the point that you think Liang’s sacrifice was a mistake, and after some moves he proves you wrong!

You are about to see some examples of Liang’s attack in action.

Best games by the prodigy Awonder Liang

This is known as the famous game that turned Awonder Liang into the youngest person to ever defeat a chess grandmaster!

Right after seeing this marvelous game from the past, let’s see one of Liang’s most recent games against GM Naroditsky!

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