Anish Giri, Surprising Top 10 player!

Anish Giri

Anish Giri is an elite chess player from the Netherlands, and one of the best of the game. He is one of the top 10 best players in the world, and he is a fun and happy character as well.

That is probably the reason why people love him so much, as he is always so caring and with these good vibes. This is not the case for every chess player, but he makes sure to give this good view to the people who root for him.

Anish Giri has had some interesting participations too in different events, and he likes to make streams. As GM Hikaru Nakamura, is very possible that you may find him streaming right now.

He also has collaborated with other masters in different levels, as he has appeared in some of Hikaru’s streams.

Another thing you will like to know is that he worked in the production of Queen’s gambit Netflix series. Of course, he was there to provide the support and to give the chess knowledge people need to produce it.

That is the reason why if you analyze the games of the series, you will see that they are actually deep, and not just made for TV.

Today, we will see what we can learn from the GM Anish Giri and his impressive comprehension of chess.

The playstyle of Anish Giri

Anish Giri is an aggressive player in his own way, although he is not so aggressive as others, we could say he is pretty balanced in his style. He gathers positional advantages but loves to destroy their opponents with beautiful combinations.

You will see that this player loves to play positionally, but the purpose of all that is to get a decent position to attack the king. The thing is he plays very solidly and quietly, but he likes crazy tactics as well, as you will see in the following games.

Anish Giri’s best games

How many players in the world can say that they calculated better than Magnus Carlsen? Well, suppose Anish Giri is one of the few in the world, you will see a game between the two of them.

Now, you will see an amazing game between Hikaru Nakamura and Anish Giri, one of my personal favorites from him.

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