How To Play Chess With Friends Online

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Play chess with your friends and family!

Chess is an enjoyable game for anyone, command your pieces to take over the enemy’s position is exciting. However, this game could be played with someone on a real board, which had limitations. Nowadays you can play chess with friends online.

Online gaming is taking over the world now, especially after the pandemic, so today you will learn how to play chess with friends online. You should take some of these tips so you have the best experience.

Playing chess with friends online needs to be different from playing with a stranger, otherwise, it may be the same as playing randoms. We also recommend you try different websites, they offer more features and you could like more one than the other.

Spending time together is awesome, also necessary, make sure this time you create unforgettable moments. This is something the pandemic has discouraged us to do, and it seems impossible to create these connections with your friends once again.

But the technology is amazing, and it has great power when used correctly, let the electronic devices take care of this!

Ways to play chess online with friends

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First, there is some stuff you need, Discord is a good option, you should already own a mic and headphones, right?

Using a program or website to communicate is common these days and a favorite for online gaming. This will make you feel your friends are there, you’ll enjoy better this way, make jokes, laugh, cry, whatever you like.

Having a webcam is even better, you’ll look at people through a screen, but at least you can see its face of fear moments before getting checkmated. This is what makes the best option to play chess with your friend, the interaction, do whatever you want to improve it.

Learning how to use discord is easy, and I’m sure, most of you reading this know how to use it already. Now that you have that, let’s talk about how to play chess with friends in a fun and creative ways.

Do you know about chess variations? Well, they are pure fun. Chess can be repetitive sometimes, try out different modalities, and games. Bughouse chess is one of the best options to enjoy the game, and you will surely be hooked.

How to play chess with friends?

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You can play chess with friends at pretty much any chess website that exists, let me give you some suggestions:,, Chess24. Of course, there are many more, but these are the best options because they are the most comfortable and practical ones.

You need to create an account, and enter the website, in this case, let’s explain how to play with a friend in because it’s the most popular website.

  1. After you and your friend are registered on the website, go to his profile, this option will be displayed on the right in the “Friends” panel.
  2. On their profile you will find a button to “add friend”, this will send a friend request to the person, and wait for him to accept.
  3. After the friend request is accepted, go to your “friends” panel again, you should see the person once again, and a “challenge” option will be displayed.
  4. Clicking there will send a challenge request to your friend instantly, he accepts, and you can enjoy a good game of chess quickly.

The process is similar, if not practically the same, in all websites, fast intuitive, and easy, the platforms are designed for the players after all.

Pros and cons of playing chess with friends

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Playing with your friends is good, but sometimes it has its catches, or its benefits, this will depend on how you approach the game. If you are trying to improve it may not be the most beneficial, or it can be the best, it depends.

When I was a chess amateur, I used to play in the streets and squares, and I got a lot of friends there to play and talk about chess. However, I was serious about chess, and of course, with time I kept improving and improving at chess.

I liked to play chess with friends online, some of these friends I had met in the squares and other places. I reached a level when I won every single game easily, and it was logical. They played chess sometimes, while I was seriously training every day to improve my level.

As we improve we need to improve the challenges as well and play better players to keep a good level and improvement rate. Playing with my friends with lower chess levels was not good for me, and It didn’t help me at all, I played less often with them.

Play chess face to face or online?

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It’s not the same to play chess with friends online than face to face, of course, the physical board, the energy, and the environment change. However, playing online can be similar to playing in real life, some even prefer to play online.

You can also enjoy playing in the same tournament, or compete to know who reaches a certain number of points in some time. There are many ways to play chess with friends, not only against your friend.

The important thing is that you keep your play enjoyable. We really recommend you use the programs, to improve the experience. Do you want a spicy suggestion? How about friendly gambling?

It’s like chess hustling in the square but from your computer, and also you earn some money for the burgers. Also, a good point in favor to play with friends online, you can analyze your games with the engine after you play it.

This is easy, if you play on or lichess, you can analyze right in the spot, quick and easy. After all, is better to improve in chess with your friend than doing it alone!

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