12 year old GM Abhimanyu Mishra!


The new youngest chess grandmaster of the world!

Now, the record of the youngest chess grandmaster of chess has been broken! The chess youngest grandmaster was the Ukrainian chess grandmaster Sergei Karyakin, not anymore though. Abhimanyu Mishra has become the youngest chess grandmaster of chess in 2021!

This is late new, because actually, this is not the only great achievement of the prodigy Mishra:

  • He became the youngest chess expert player obtaining a +2000 ELO rating in the U.S Chess federation at the age of 7 years, 6 months, and 22 days.
  • Abhimanyu Mishra became the youngest chess national master in the world at the age of 9 years, 2 months, and 17 days.
  • Then, Mishra became the youngest chess international master at the age of 10 years, 9 months, and 20 days.
  • Finally, Abhimanyu became the world's youngest chess grandmaster now that he is 12 years and almost 5 months!

The streak doesn’t stop, Abhimanyu Mishra will, undoubtedly, one of the greatest chess players in the world. Of course, if he doesn’t distance himself from chess, which is not likely to happen, he loves chess!

So, how far is the kid Mishra going to get? He is on a streak overrunning chess records like crazy. Do you want to know about this chess promise? Keep reading this post!

About Abhimanyu Mishra


Abhimanyu Mishra is an Indian kid who lives in the U.S with his parents, his sweet mom Swati and his father Hermant. Herman states that he used to play chess in some events and casually in the university, he is now an engineer.

And, worried about his kid simply getting into internet stuff, he preferred to teach his kid the game of chess. Abhimanyu Mishra was taught to play chess by his parents when he was two years old!

He eagerly learned the game and learned to love it as well, and now he is doing great things. His parents have played an imperative role in Abhimanyu Mishra’s incredible development in chess.

They take his kid to chess classes with a chess trainer, GM Arun Prasad. Prasad was surprised by Mishra’s incredible abilities for chess since the beginning, he states he was simply above average.

It’s not a surprise if you knew how much Hermant has strived for his son’s progress. He is always going to tournaments with him. Hermant has invested 285.000USD in trainers, classes, travel expenses (to go to tournaments) for a long time.

Hermant has taught his son the similarity between the game of chess and life. Because Hermant and Mishra believe that you take the best decision in life just as in chess, calculating objectively and coldly.

And all of this has given his results for Mishra, he has gotten famous all of the sudden now beating a record that has stand unbeaten for 20 years! All of the effort and dedication has given its fruits to GM Abhimanyu Mishra.

Abhimanyu Mishra’s playstyle


Mishra has a competitive and aggressive playstyle, and I am not only referring to the game itself. Mishra’s determination and passion for the game have turned him into a player who takes chess very seriously.

Mishra simply has that eager and unstoppable determination that usually young and bold players have. Playing recklessly and often even a bit crazy chasing victory, no matter who his opponent is, he doesn’t fear anything.

His opponents have usually complained about Mishra watching them intensely, and he hates to make mistakes. His dad is also like that, this kid is in for the real deal, he studies chess for 10 or 12 hours straight!

Even if he is a kid, he is not to mess with his chess strength and has shown himself able to beat the most capable masters. If this is simply when he is 12 years old, imagine an Abhimanyu Mishra who is 18 years old, he could be unstoppable.

A chess monster is certainly growing inside this kid (if it’s not there already) Mishra was born to play chess.

How Mishra became the youngest chess grandmaster?


Of course, Mishra counts with an immense amount of time playing chess despite his shortage. And it also affects that these are the most active age to learn.

Kids learn easily, they absorb knowledge like a sponge, and when they have their attention on something they don’t lose focus easily. Even less if you have such caring parents with your chess study, definitely discipline doesn’t lack at home.

He became a grandmaster in the Vezerkepzo GM Mix tournament, an event played in Hungary. This tournament offers many possibilities of winning GM norms, which is exactly what happened with Abhimanyu Mishra.

He officially became a grandmaster in a game against GM Leon Mendonca in the ninth round. Even if it’s not enough, Mishra beat Mendonca with an unexpected yet cool tactical finish in the endgame, well calculated by Mishra.

Interesting things about Abhimanyu Mishra


Sure, Abhimanyu Mishra is one happy kid right now. He has said multiple times that the actual chess world champion Magnus Carlsen is his greatest inspiration. And now he has beaten his idol’s record and even more than that!

Magnus Carlsen congratulated the Mishra in an interview, a nice and sweet gift from the world champion. Mishra is one of the few people that has been able to captivate his idol's attention.

And is very likely this is not the first time Magnus Carlsen hears something about Abhimanyu Mishra. Now, more surprises are coming, the new generations of chess players are here!

If it wasn’t enough with Alireza Firouzja, now we have Abhimanyu Mishra coming into the frame as one of the youngest, and most dangerous chess players for the chess elite.

Indeed, Abhimanyu Mishra doesn’t belong to the world-class chess level. But looking at how far this kid has reached, and at what pace, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him playing the best of the world!

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