charlotte chess center
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What Charlotte chess center aims for

Like other beautiful chess communities and teams, the charlotte chess center is a chess institution where you can learn and play chess. They have the great mission to make chess known for its benefits and precious nature.

They are willing to bring chess to your life with a positive influence on you. This is a pretty fun way to first get into the world of chess, the Charlotte chess center is the palace of chess!

This beautiful place excels for the great magnitude of the events and chess personalities that measure their strength here. Also, the inspiring history that precedes this chess cathedral is to be admired.

Gary Newsom, Peter Giannatos, and Mike Eberhardinger were the men of vision that started this project as a scholastic center. The marvelous idea of giving a step further into the chess club leads them to take action.

Nowadays, they offer chess classes, lessons,s, and lectures to people of all ages from 5 to 105 years old. They have become a recognized chess club that raises strong and well-prepared masters.

Counting on its brilliantly prepared staff, the charlotte chess center organizes a wide variety of chess events. Invitational high-level tournaments for masters to achieve norms to open chess tournaments to have fun and learn together.

Charlotte chess center’s team

charlotte chess center chessboard

This incredible chess center has an incredible repertoire of chess masters and professionals in chess coaching. The group of chess masters that have come to join this community is amazing.

First of all, we have Peter Giannatos who is an international FIDE master (FM) with a 2000+ ELO rating. He also achieved the national master title by the united states chess federation.

Grant Oen is the event manager of the charlotte chess center, and he is a candidate master that has achieved  2100+ ELO rating. He also has been the US representative at the international chess congress.

International Organizer, FIDE instructor, and FIDE arbiter, a prodigy that made his dream of bringing joy to people’s lives with chess come true.

We could be here all day naming the numerous chess professionals that are waiting for you to sign in their classes. Mike Klein, Daniel Naroditsky, Alex Velasquez, and many other chess masters working every day to make you enjoy chess.

We cannot question the level of play of each of the people we named (and the ones we didn’t). There is no doubt that this team has the knowledge, tools, and passion required to lead you to chess mastery.

Charlotte chess center school programs

charlotte chess center coaches
charlotte chess center coaches

The school programs are strategies used to teach chess in a fun and interactive way to develop an interest in the students. It’s called a school program because it establishes a schedule to practice chess and follows chess lessons.

The charlotte chess center has become aware and expert in using different methodologies to teach chess. Not only to the purely competitive level of the game but to define chess as an exercise.

It’s an exercise that will develop skills and will make you learn things that can be used in life traditional situations.

They offer present lessons with chess coaches and lectures for any level, a good point if you live in charlotte. But don’t worry, they have online support as well, you can sign your kids up for the chess lectures.

An interesting fact about these programs is that they count on events and tournaments that will enhance your interest and emotions for chess.

So you have it all in one place: tournaments, live games, lessons with master,s and plenty of fun. Remember chess is extremely beneficial for everyone, no matter their age.

The online Bootcamp training

charlotte chess center tournaments
charlotte chess center tournaments

The charlotte chess center counts with a variety of chess coaches that are willing to make online learning an experience that you will enjoy to the fullest.

Especially in the actual pandemic situation, the coaches have prepared themselves correctly to face the problem efficiently. Coaches have received special training in the usage of online tools to improve students’ learning.

This is explained in a video that was made to inform parents and students of the new pedagogy they have implemented.

The events and tournaments have also made it into online platforms like, you can join their group here. They can celebrate FIDE-approved tournaments on the webpage so you progress in your international FIDE rating!

You can also earn your IM or GM norms in one of their tournaments! This is the best of chances to improve your rating online, but be aware, beating one of the charlotte chess players will not be easy!

It’s obvious that they are prepared to use these tools and they have great knowledge about them. You are in good hands by trusting them in every step they are making you take.

Why you should join the Charlotte chess center

charlotte chess center game

The charlotte chess center team is highly interested in implementing chess in all the schools and making it part of your life. The enrichment of the program is very good and crucial to the kids.

You will be able to compete at any level with the instructions and the lessons you learn in the charlotte chess center. They are willing to improve the overall rating of the chess level in the country.

This is one of the objectives they exposed in their webpages and you can see they are really concerned about it.

Chess will bring several benefits to your life, but will also give you a place to gather and chat with people about chess. The charlotte chess club also interests in the environment the people are developing in.

They get the perfect environment to learn and develop chess skills to a whole level. As a chess coach myself I’ve always had encourages my students to join a chess club.

You should join the charlotte chess center if it’s comfortable for you, it will definitely improve your skills, and the learning process will be easier.

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