Is Chess.Com down?

is chess com down and its great advantages and disadvantages has always been one of the best sites to play chess, and it has been for a long time. That won’t change quickly in the future, this was one of the pioneer chess sites of the world. Is down?

Also, one of the most worked up sites, the tools, and the features this page has are unique and quite useful. Many chess players in the world approve of's excellent training tools to learn chess.

And the community of this site is great, which makes it the site with the most nourished forums about chess. You can also watch excellent chess streamers, analyze games, and read chess history, you have everything related to chess.

The things are that most of the features this site has been paid for, and not all of the players can go along with that. This makes it, probably not the best option for the people who don’t want to spend any money on subscriptions and others.

Some people are asking “is down?” Here we will answer that, and go over other doubts that you may have about it.

How other sites have won attention over it

is chess com down lichess

Other sites have been drawing people’s attention, although this is not new, is falling short on their rise. Sites like mainly are extremely popular these days, and they offer excellent chess-playing platforms as well.

Also, chess24 is getting good acceptance for the people, and it’s also another site that offers good features. Many sites apart from may serve for different things, is down?

Depending on what you are willing to spend you can choose one or other of these sites, and there are many benefits. If you are willing to invest some money in your chess learning, you should definitely go for

However, if don’t have money to spend on subscriptions or others you should definitely go for That’s the main difference, offers all of the great tools for free, there is no charge for anything.

And, the features it offers have a good quality, there is nothing to envy Another important detail many users have pointed out is that lichess has great playing servers, which makes it lagless.

Nonetheless, although you have to pay for, still is a good investment, there are some simply special things. For example, the analyzing board of is not to compare with any other analyzing tool. Probably, after seeing all of these incredible characteristics you stopped wondering “is down?”

Is down against other sites?

is chess com down play

It’s difficult for a site like to lose any fame or competitiveness with other sites around the internet. And, the thing is that is one of the oldest and cleanest sites on the web, also the most trusted.

For example, you may see official FIDE tournaments played over, while you don’t see that on any other site. The reason for this is that different chess organizations, even FIDE, trust the team.

Is down because of any other sites? I don’t think so, and it will never be. The dominance over the chess player’s community is so great, if a new player comes to chess online, this is the first site they hit.

The site is simply just so well positioned, people will not stop playing on these chess sites, just because is popular. Also, the site is backed up by so many important chess players, it’s been simply given too much attention, and the experience they offer is, undoubtedly, one of the best.

Why people wonder: Is down?

is chess com down board has many features that would serve any chess player without exception. However, the fact that you have to pay for a subscription makes it a lot difficult for some of the players.

The subscription is not too much; it may be even too low for all the content you unlock by paying it. However, many of the chess players here are teenagers or kids who don’t have any money for this or don’t want to ask their parents.

And not only that but people who can pay the subscription but decide not to. Actually is pretty logical, it’s almost impossible to seize all of the tools and features offers with the subscription.

So, if you are not going to get the most out of it, why should I buy it? For some that may be a waste of money. Maybe, other people can really get the most out of these contents so decide to pay the subscription.

Whether or not you should aim for a subscription depends on your situation and what you are trying to achieve. Do it just as we do in chess, evaluate the position (your situation), and see what works best for you.

Will another site is as important as

is chess com down king

The truth is, although many chess events and important chess players are on, there are others too. For example, you can watch different chess streamers on different platforms, and see different players.

Magnus Carlsen plays on lichess, while Alireza firouzja plays on On the other hand, the most famous chess streamers (the ones who draw attention to the site) are from We could mention Hikaru Nakamura, Alexandra Botez, Aman Hambleton, GothamChess, and more.

However, many other masters are on lichess, like GM Pepe Cuenca. And this is not the only important factor, many chess events also take place on

The most probable candidate to become the next most important chess platform is Of course, as we have said, both platforms offer excellent content to different types of customers (the one willing to spend and the one who isn’t).

So, both sites will be equally famous along the way, if you ask if down is because you don't really know this site's reach.

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