Chess Piece Moves : know how to move the 5 piece in the great chess

Chess piece moves

Chess is a strategic board game that requires players to outwit their opponents using their chess pieces and the available board space. It takes years of practice to become a skilled player, and knowledge of how each of the game's pieces move is an essential part of learning how to be successful. This article will explain the Chess Piece Moves, including the king, queen, bishop, rook, knight, and pawn.

Utilizing the King (Chess Piece Moves)

The king is the most important piece in the game of chess, and players should use it wisely to their advantage. The king is able to move one square in any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction, as long as it does not land on a square that is attacked by an opponent's piece. Additionally, a special move called castling is allowed, which involves the king and one of the rooks. This is done by shifting the king two squares towards the rook and then placing the rook on the other side of the king.

Queen Capabilities (Chess Piece Moves)

The queen is the most powerful piece on the board, totaling up to nine points. It can move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, without any limitations. As it is able to cover so many squares, it is capable of attacking multiple pieces at once and can generally attack more pieces than the other pieces on the board.

Chess Piece Moves

Bishop Movements (Chess Piece Moves)

Bishops move diagonally across the board, but can only move on opposing colors, unlike the rooks. They can move as many squares as are within its range and can capture any pieces that stand in the way. It is worth noting that although a player has two bishops, they cannot travel on the same-colored squares.

Rook Power

The rook is the third most valuable piece on the board with a value of five points and can move in either the horizontal or vertical directions. It is able to travel any number of squares in that direction as long as they are unoccupied. Unlike the bishop, the rook travels on the same-colored squares and is thus able to capture more pieces throughout the game.

Knight Skills

The knight is the only chess piece that can jump over other pieces, making it a very special piece. It is able to move in an ‘L’ shape, either two squares in one direction and then one square in another direction or one square in one direction and then two squares in another direction. The knight is also able to capture pieces on the same turn, regardless of what piece is currently in that position.

Pawn Duties (Chess Piece Moves)

The pawn is the most numerous piece on the board and can be found in the rows in front of each player. Each player has eight pawns placed in front of them at the start of the game. Pawns are able to move one square at a time either forward or diagonally. They can capture pieces diagonally as long as they are in the opposing player’s color.

For pawns, there is an added bonus when they reach the other side of the board. When a pawn reaches the far end of the board, it has the ability to transform into another piece of their choosing, such as the queen, rook, bishop, or knight. Knowing about the Chess Piece Moves, makes you even faster when you play.

Castling Tips

Castling is a very important maneuver that allows the king and rook to switch positions in a single move. This Chess Piece Moves is a great way to reduce the likelihood that your king will be put in check by your opponent. Players are only allowed to perform castling on their turn as long as the king and rook have not already moved. Players must also make sure that all of the squares the king passes through during the castling are unoccupied and that the king does not end up in check.


Chess is an incredibly complex game that puts an emphasis on strategy. Understanding the movements and capabilities of each piece is essential for any aspiring skilled player. Now that you know the Chess Piece Moves of all the chess pieces, you will be able to play the game much more efficiently and accurately. Have fun playing! But, if you want to go to another level, you should read about the chess clock.

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