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Everyone has heard the word “checkmate” at some point in their lives. Either by chance, because they read it in a book or saw it in a movie. But not everyone knows how to achieve it effectively in chess. You will be able to achieve it in a masterful way if you decide to learn chess.

Chess is a game considered as a sport, where there are two (2) players located at each end of a board that is divided into 8×8 squares composed of 32 pieces, sixteen (16) white and sixteen (16) black alike: One (1) queen, One (1) King, two (2) rook, two (2) knights, two (2) bishops and a full row of eight (8) pawns.

One player chooses black and the other player white pieces, which are the first to start. The meaning of the game is to “eat” all the opponent's pieces and reach out to his “king” to give him checkmate, the most popular word in chess and the indication that the game is over.

Learn chess in a dynamic way, will traduce in a better learning

You don't move pieces at random in chess, each piece has its moves defined on the board, for example, the pawn can only move forward one (1) square at a time, except in its first move, where it is allowed to move forward (two) squares.

Another piece like the rook can advance all the squares but only vertically or horizontally without jumping any pieces. Learn chess is fundamental to increase your skill. Here you will find the most expeditious way to make it happen.

In addition to the movement of the pieces you also need to know how they develop on the board, their importance and how to use them for a good opening. If you want to learn chess you will have to know all these terms, every move and how good the game can be for your fun and your mind.

Yes, chess brings multiple benefits to your body, apart from enjoying a good game you can take advantage of to exercise your mind. If you don't believe it, read on.

Benefits if you learn chess:

-Increase concentration: Chess requires you to be focused on the moves you are about to make. After all, a bad move can cause you to lose. Therefore, a game can last hours or minutes (if any time limit applies) trying to find a good move.

-Memory aid: After many chess games you develop the ability to memorize alternatives or previous moves to improve your game. Since chess is very repetitive and in many cases your brain will keep the information about the best game options for you.

-Analysis and security: After a while playing chess, you will be able to make decisions faster and with more security.

In chess you need to make decisions in every move, you also need to analyze what your position is; whether you are winning or losing, how you could win or how you would avoid being beaten.

1) Your IQ will increase: Apart from increasing your concentration, you will also be able to quickly manage and solve problems not necessarily related to the game of chess, but also in your life.

With chess practice, you'll learn to be under pressure and fast decision making. This will help you to get around in all kinds of environments, influencing the development of creativity, solving mathematical operations and ease of language.

Learn chess will not only please you, but it will also help you in your daily life

1) Prevents Alzheimer's: It's proven that Alzheimer's can be prevented by playing chess. This is because it serves as a tool to make use of your two cerebral hemispheres and especially your memory.

2) Improves personal aspects: Teaches you to be disciplined, think before you respond, respect for rules. One of the highlights is that it helps you to socialize because it is a game that requires another participant.

It helps you to have self-control, analyze situations well and make good decisions.

What are you waiting for to play it? Some moves will seem amazing to you. Winning feels amazing and although losing can hurt, it's also good if you learn from it.

When you play something you like, you enjoy it to the fullest, making your body feel great.

Surely you are already motivated to learn chess but you have a big question: How? Starting by reading books or articles online would be a good option but I don't recommend it all the time.

Self-learning would cost you a lot of time and frustration. Especially when you see terminologies that you don't understand and have to look for the things that you find difficult.

Learning chess is easier with someone to guide you

Having a person with previous knowledge of the game will save you a lot of time and headaches. They take their time to explain each of the rules, pieces, and movements.

You may have a few terms or know a few things, but information that is learned from scratch is better. This is when a chess trainer appears.

There are two main methods you can choose from to learn chess: private lessons and group lessons. Both are highly recommended and the choice depends on you, the important thing is that you will be taught by a person with a lot of experience and who knows how to train.

It will take you from a beginner level to an expert level if you set your mind to it. If you continue in the chess world, you'll participate in tournaments and make this sport your great passion.

Finally, I recommend that you start taking chess lessons without wasting time, this is a game played by millions of people, and also their devotion to the practice of chess joins them. It's truly wonderful. You will meet many of them who will be your opponents in many games but also your friends.

The feeling of known more about this game is excellent, so cheer up. There is a lot to win and little to lose, learn chess today!

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