3 chess websites to find a good coach

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3 chess websites to find a good coach

Almost by general culture, people know that in the sport of chess the aim is to overthrow the king of the opposing team. It can be read simply, but don't be fooled, things are not as easy as they seem.

In order to achieve this goal, you must develop a strategy. Where there is no room for mistakes, as any mistake, no matter how small, could completely damage your game. For that reason, you need someone who can be your chess coach. Chose the chess websites of your choice that are a good option for you.

There is a reason why chess is considered a mental sport. You have to train hard to get it right. There is no room here for random movements. So you should use websites to find the best chess coach.

Some people think that this game could be boring, or very difficult. The truth is that it's one of the best ways to keep your mind active.

If you play it with friends and they compete with each other, it could become quite fun. It's an activity that improves your ability to analyze as well as developing the ability to make quick decisions.

The difficulty is that in addition to thinking carefully about how to attack your opponent. You cannot forget that you also have to protect your king. If you only concentrate on attacking, you could forget that you are also being attacked.

This is why we bring you the best websites for you to find the coach. The best suits for your needs and your abilities, in addition to the various tools that exist on each of these websites.

Chess.com – Coaches

It is one of the most complete chess teaching websites. They give you a lot of useful tools for you to learn by yourself as well as lessons.

Also, a tactical trainer that consists of playing against a computer that has endless options to get you thinking.

It offers you the service of different instructors who will help you develop the skills you need to be the best chess player.

You can also contact the community of this site, to share your concerns as well as clarify doubts or simply share your experience within this site.

You will also be able to watch transmissions of professional games so that you learn the techniques of the best players.

chess websites

ICC – Teachers

One of the best chess websites to find a chess coach. The project has many years and many coaches are listed there. Sure that you can find one who can train you properly to help you to improve in chess.

And of course… my Academy! :)

IM Alberto Chueca – Contact

If you would like to improve in chess, I can help you. In my Academy, we've got different training programs according to your level.

The students are getting awesome results and I will do my best to help you.

You will have:

-Access to the Academy.

-Recorded lessons with me.

-Weekly assignments

-Masterclasses and events…

and much more!

Contact me by clicking here to request more information.

Whichever website you choose to find your chess coach, remember that with practice, perseverance and dedication great things are achieved.

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