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"The Methodology to help children raise their rating quickly"

βœ“ Tested and with awesome results in children

Children must learn specific concepts according to their level to progress faster.

In this Ebook, we reveal the Methodology we use in the Academy to help children to raise their rating quickly and get their goals.

1) The concepts they need to study according to their level.

2) Practical examples showing typical mistakes.

3) How to avoid the blunders to improve quickly in chess.

πŸ† Free chess Ebook for parents with kids who play chess

It will help you to detect the typical mistakes that your child is making and how to avoid them.

πŸš€ Practical content to avoid blunders and take action

More than +90 pages, easy to read that will optimize much the time of the trainings of your child.

You will get:

El ebook

The Ebook with +90 useful pages to help your child to avoid blunders and progress faster.


The methodology with the list of concepts they need to learn according to the level they are.

La metodologia

Extras: Practical examples and some lessons about chess to start playing.

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I’m Alberto Chueca

International Master, FIDE trainer and creator ofΒ the Chueca Method, my own professional chess training system, based on my experience as a player and as a coach.

My students progress in each training, raise their rating and maintain interest in chess while developing their full potential.

My goal is to train happy and frustrated chess players.

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