Playing chess with Reshevsky and Najdorf, the masters.

playing chess

On what day did you learn to play chess?

Playing chess is something that several of us have done it many times. There probably isn’t anyone who can answer that question.

Some time ago, there was someone who could answer this: we are talking about the GM Jan Hein Donner (1927-1988), the best Dutch player for many years after Euwe … Read more

Chess and love: The Selimanov case. Discover the incredible story.

chess and love

Chess and love…

Sometimes chess and love are connected. In 1957, North American William Lombardy won the World Junior Championship with an impressive 100% score – 11 out of 11! Following him, the German and Dutch players, Matthias Gerusel and Lex Jongsma respectively were also classified. The representative of the USSR, Vladimir Selimanov, could only manage the fourth position. This … Read more

Checkmate: In chess and in the life. Did you know…?


Checkmate: Sam Loyd the magician…

One of the problems of help that ends in checkmate is one in which the side that is destined to become a victim collaborates with its executioner. It’s needed to make the best moves to be punished, in an exercise of masochism.

This example, from the initial position, is a creation of the unrivaled Samuel … Read more

Classic chess: The heroes. Discover the classical chess players.

classic chess

Classic chess: The match of Botvnick-Flohr…

In November 1933, an encounter of classic chess had taken place that had to awaken great expectations in Soviet Russia, between Mijail Botvinnik and Salo Flohr, who was one of the great stars of the time.

The match was scheduled for twelve plays, playing the first six in Moscow, in the famous Hall of … Read more

Alexander Alekhine: Discover the most interesting anecdotes about him.

alexander alekhine

It’s easy to win to Alekhine…

The young Mexican master Carlos Torre was playing his first international tournament. The raffle put him in the first round against Alexander Alekhine. Seeing him worried, Dr. Tarrasch, another participant, told him:
“Young, do you want to know how to defeat Alexander Alekhine and beat, moreover, all the matches?”.
In view of the … Read more

Norman Whitaker and Charles Lindbergh and their connection with chess.

norman whitaker

Charles Lindbergh…

The connection between Charles Lindbergh and Norman Whitaker: The aviator Charles Lindbergh was a declared pro-nazi. A species that is not scarce either in the United States or in England. Complete fans of Hitler, a few months before the outbreak of the Second World War.

His merit (which is not small) was crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a … Read more

Magnus Carlsen and his new proposal. Are you agreed with him?

magnus carlsen

Magnus Carlsen and his new proposal…

Magnus Carlsen and his new proposal: For the dispute of the worldwide tournament. According to Magnus Carlsen, a yearly tournament by K.O. system (or knockouts competition) would invigorate the system and would give chances to more players.

However, this is nothing new, because the FIDE already implemented this formula from 1999, which resulted … Read more

Vassily Ivanchuk and Nicolas Rossolimo. Two chess genius!

vassily ivanchuk

Vassily Ivanchuk: Paris can wait…

When he was 17 years old, Vassily Ivanchuk was one of the members of the Soviet youth team that made a brief trip through Western Europe. Once the coach, GM Alexei Suetin, told his young players that the next day a tour around the City of Light was scheduled and that, besides some museum, they … Read more

Wesley So: Million dollar boy. Discover the story of this talent!

wesley so

Wesley So: a chess prodigy!

A chess prodigy child, Wesley So in 2008 became the youngest player to cross the threshold of Elo 2600. He broke the record established by none other than Magnus Carlsen. Four years later he would do the same with the bar of 2700. And by February of that year, he was among the top ten … Read more

Draw in chess and the spirit of the position. Some interesting anecdotes.

draw in chess

Draw in chess: Petrosian defends the fortress…

The preliminary agreement of draw in chess had always been much criticized, as they are considered unsporting. And of course, they are but do exist. They have always existed. It can be difficult to avoid two players of agreeing to draw in chess when this result suits them or it is important for

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