Chess for kids: A good way of education

chess for kids

The small ones of the house usually give headaches for their high hyperactivity. The majority of the children in an age between four and seven years must have complementary activities besides the school that not only help to burn calories but also to develop mental and physical abilities. For this, chess for kids is recommended.

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Learn chess is intuitive and exciting, discover the best way right now

Learn chess

Everyone has heard the word “checkmate” at some point in their lives. Either by chance, because they read it in a book or saw it in a movie. But not everyone knows how to achieve it effectively in chess. You will be able to achieve it in a masterful way if you decide to learn chess.

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Closed tournaments: Nuno and Laszlo promoting the chess on Budapest!

Closed tournaments

Closed tournaments

If in a previous article (read it here), I wrote about the interesting closed tournaments for FM, IM and GMs that they were organizing every month on Budapest. Without knowing it, now I have discovered that one of the best organizers and arbiters Nuno Andrade (and friend 😉 ) is collaborating on the First Saturday … Read more

The appropriate chess trainer, will make you reach the highest positions.

chess trainer

You’ve surely wondered what you have to do to reach the next level, where you can be better at chess.

Perhaps you are wondering how the best chess players have arrived at the place where they are now. Or how did they do it? The answer is simple: They have a chess trainer.

Is it a chess

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Chess for children will become a boost to their mental skills

Chess for children

Chess for children is often the most appropriate way for little ones to develop the mental skills that always enhance the best version of themselves. We all know someone who doesn’t like physical activity or has problems with social and emotional integration. Maybe they just have a strong character that needs to be corrected. For this reason, it is … Read more

Do you know the First Saturday chess tournaments? They are played in Budapest, monthly, valid for GM and IM.

First saturday Chess tournaments

First Saturday chess tournaments

These days I was surfing on the Internet when I saw “The First Saturday Chess Tournaments”. What was this? They are tournaments played in Budapest the first Saturday of each month and are valid for GM and IM norms!

They are very strong tournaments for players who want to get an IM or GM norm. I … Read more

My next tournament: Guimarães Chess Open 2018! (04 a 07 de Outubro)

Guimaraes Chess Open

My next tournament will be in Guimarães (Portugal)

Hello friends! Yes! The next chess tournament that I will play will be in Portugal! I will play the Guimarães Chess Open 2018! 

The tournament is very strong with lots of Grandmasters and International Masters. It will be hard! There are 7 rounds and will be played in 4 days (with double … Read more

Study chess will allow you to raise your skills. Discover it!

11 Study chess

Studying is always present in our lives. Constant learning is a human nature, but does chess also require this? Yes, study chess is necessary to progress in this game. Unlike other sports, chess is a purely mental activity where theory and practice win. Chess players have to invest a lot of time in study to prepare themselves, which is necessary … Read more

Start chess classes today and become a successful player

10 chess classes

The chess population is getting bigger and bigger and if you’re just getting into the sport or you already know it but not enough, you may run into problems that won’t allow you to progress in your game, chess classes are the right solution.

It’s not time to worry if you lose a game or meet people who play … Read more

Chess lessons will develop all your skills!

chess lessons

Chess is a mental battle between two players who want to capture the opponent’s king. A fundamental aspect of chess lessons is that it has analogies with everyday life since a decision-making is presented, we are surrounded by them and we barely open our eyes the time to take a decision is already here. For the battle to be … Read more