Chess lessons will develop all your skills!

chess lessons

Chess is a mental battle between two players who want to capture the opponent’s king. A fundamental aspect of chess lessons is that it has analogies with everyday life since a decision-making is presented, we are surrounded by them and we barely open our eyes the time to take a decision is already here. For the battle to be … Read more

Chess in schools

Chess in schools

Every day, people become more aware of the benefits of playing chess. This is one of the reasons for the use of the chess in schools. It’s being implemented as an activity for students to practice during class and during breaks.

However, the beginning of chess in schools goes back a few years to California. A volunteer father developed … Read more

IV Ansoain Chess Open

Ansoain Chess Tournament

For some players, the most important part of the chess tournaments is if they raise their chess rating or they lose it. Others find the prizes and others just want to enjoy playing chess… The chess tournament is the perfect opportunity to examine our own abilities… And a very interesting one is the IV Ansoain Chess Open!

The truth is Read more

Online chess lessons: The big benefits for the chess players!

online chess lessons

Learning is frequently considered a normal part of our professional life but also of our personal life. This is why learning, indistinctly of the type, shouldn’t be careless- including the learning of chess. In this article, I will explain the main benefits of the online chess lessons.

The internet world is constantly changing and the online chess lessons are a Read more

What are the chess engines and how to use them into Chessbase?

Chess engines

The chess engines are autonomous programs that complement the study; practice and training of chess. (Remember the importance of train chess clicking here.) These engines use communication languages that allow you to interconnect with other programs. I can quote an example: Chessbase (Chess program) with Fritz (Chess engine); those programs interact and can be used complementing each other.… Read more

A proper way to train chess will increase your chances of victory

Train chess

If you are a chess player and want to know how to progress in this game, this is your article. Whether you are a person who sees chess as a means of entertainment or someone who wants to dedicate himself to having a perfect game, here I will tell you numerous tips and recommendations so that you can train chessRead more

The Chess Tournaments app will transform your lifestyle in this sport

Chess Tournaments APP

Pieces sounding as they move, the atmosphere tense and silent, some cries of victory!, sometimes heat, sometimes a cold sweat that runs down the cheeks of people who are focused on just one thing: WIN the chess game.

This is what a chess tournament reflects. The passion that unites a certain group of people where they demonstrate their Read more

The top 10 of the online chess websites (according to Google). Did you know all of them?

online chess

Chess is a sport meant to be practiced by 2 players. It’s one of the most popular sports in the world. The majority of people that play chess online do it to have fun. Tournaments are played; money is made through them and is currently considered a very beneficial sport.

These are the reasons why thousands of websites were created … Read more

A chess coach, a right path to your success

chess coach

Chess is a world of great passions, this strategy game has encouraged people to dedicate their lives to perfect their level and acquire the knowledge required to become a good chess player or a chess coach.

If chess is for you a mere entertainment or you have already established the goal of becoming a chess master, the method Read more

10 reasons to play chess. The big benefits of chess!

10 Reasons to play chess

Chess is a sport that helps you develop your concentration and improves your level of thinking. Because it doesn’t depend on age nor does it require retirement, this sport is played by people of all ages during the whole year. Here I leave you a list of reasons to play chess and the benefits it has for those who practice … Read more