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When you want to find a chess coach can influence many aspects of our environment that make us go to certain places. There are references in which we can focus at the moment of finding what we need or look for.

Within the sports world, there are many of these references that can come from both formal media. Also from big sports channels or from the simple opinion or point of view of an experienced player or not.

Where can you find a chess coach?

The current references at the moment of looking for a chess coach are very varied. It will depend then on other aspects at the moment of which you take the most reliable decision to choose it. Among these references, we can mention the best known within the world of sport and chess.

Chess clubs

Whether you are in a square, university or any other open place. You will almost always have the joy of bumping into local chess clubs. There usually have one or more qualified chess coaches willing to teach you everything. They know about this world of moving pieces.

In most cases, this option is the most used when it comes to finding a chess coach. For example: if you feel bad, go to the hospital, if you want to buy food, you go to the supermarket. In other words, your need will always go to the place where you logically assume that you find what you need.

Find a chess coach in social Networking

As many of us know, it is impossible not to be connected to a social network most of our time. As a result, publishing companies invest millions of dollars in advertising aimed solely at social networks.

Among these may be professional chess, which usually involves a great diversity of expert players and coaches in groups or individually. However, there is an important problem to consider. The quality of the team or coach that we want to achieve since social networks can publish anyone.

Official vs regular websites

Like social networks, web pages abound throughout a browser’s interface. If we are looking for a chess coach by this means. We suggest you do it through official web portals of clubs or certified teams. However, there are also particular pages that have lists of personal or private coaches, these although not well known does not exempt them from their ability to play or teach their knowledge.

By opinion or suggestion of a third party

This item is relative to the others. The reason is that its source comes from the opinion of third parties, the validity of it is not clearly reliable.

However, within the sports world, there are influential people who give their recommendations regarding the work of others. This recommendation can significantly influence the requirement for it in a given area.

Sports competition tournaments

In some countries, competition tournaments are used as scenarios to demonstrate the skills of those students more experienced in a sport or area. In the case of chess, large teams from different countries participate in national or international tournaments, where they are subjected to various performance activities that evaluate a series of qualities necessary to be the champion of the competition.

These students are the reflection of their chess coaches. So many people, when looking for the best chess coaches in their country, go to these places to hire or observe the skills of these expert coaches.

Will he be a good teacher, will he meet my expectations?

The only way to answer this question is with the contact obtained in the training sessions, perhaps the opinions of other students could be guiding, but each experience is individual, the instruction must be adapted to the profile and capacities of the student, to expose the maximum of his potentialities.

Empathy is important between the student and the teacher, but more important is the ability, preparation, and level of commitment of the chess coach in the efficient and effective competitive training.

Playing with computers does not replace the chess coach

Computers can be an auxiliary means of chess practice, but with them, you will not have that important contact that a good chess trainer offers to his students since they are based on mathematical models, which do not correct your mistakes in the selection of the moves.
Only a good chess trainer, is able to teach important mental processes indispensable to develop tactical game systems, topics that a machine can not provide.

How do you know which is the best option?

Certainly, all are good options when looking for a chess coach, but the best will depend on your expectations and relationship with your environment. Because when it comes to making a decision, most of the time we are not influenced by the opinion of others around us.

In case you don’t have that opinion, you can choose the one you feel most comfortable with at the time of searching. It will always depend on you. When it comes to finding the best chess coachย if you are a committed and responsible person with the sport you want to learn.

Other places where you can find many innate coaches are in the squares or recreation sites. Although these do not have a title in the area, most have empirical techniques that may be new to the world of professional sport.

For that reason, any place is good at the moment of choosing the best chess coach. The important thing is that you assume and maintain your commitment to learning whenever possible.



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