Be happy playing chess!

I'm going to guide you, 1 on 1, filtering the content you need to progress quickly. I'll help you with your mistakes. Save time NOW!

chess class

A good methodology

You need a plan, a successful methodology!
I'll be your guide.

Chess method

One on one sessions

I will give you the content you need filtered to progress saving time.

study chess

Work your mistakes

I'll detect your main mistakes and we'll work them to not repeat them anymore!

Learn chess

Goals and results

I will put you goals to show you where you are and the progress you're having.

About the 1 on 1 lessons

1) 100% freedom! Book your lessons whenever you want.

2) No worries! If you can’t attend to any lesson, you can delay it.

3) The lessons are in “the platform” where both we can move, I will teach you with arrows, colors… to do it easier! 🙂

4) You will get RESULTS!

5) Booking 4 lessons or more in 30 days, you get... The membership "The Rebel Alliance" of that month completely FREE!

My students say...

"Coach Alberto is not only a phenomenal coach but also a wonderful person. The kindness, care and dedication he shows are greatly appreciated. He puts great effort to figure out the students’ strengths and weaknesses, hence helping them improve. With his guidance and coaching, our son achieved the landmark of ~2100, thus qualifying for USA U12. Our daughter at the same time qualified for USA U8 girls. Thank you for being an amazing coach."
Patrika Agarwal
Patrika Agarwal
Mother of a Panamerican Champion U-8, United States
"Alberto is Shiv’s mentor, guide, friend and chess buddy. We parents had no idea about chess. It’s because of his guidance that he set a properly structured plan of his chess studies in terms of openings, middlegames and endgames that he had a very good initial rating of 2148. His classes are very interactive and Shiv looks forward to his class. Alberto is very supportive and encourages the child to give in his best. Thanks a lot."
Shalini Shome
Mother of a Top 10 of the World U-11, India